Dotlen Academy of Science

Our Programs

Practical Nursing

The Practical Nursing Program is a 1545 hours twelve months FT program that prepares students to provide direct nursing care with a holistic approach to clients of all ages and to function in  the role of the LPN upon licensure. Practical nurses practice under the supervision of registered nurses, licensed physicians..

Nursing Assistant Training

This 120-hour training prepares individuals to work as caregivers and assist licensed nurses in various health care settings such as nursing home, hospital, or home health care. This course teaches the fundamentals of nursing assistant using equipment which simulates real on-the-job situations.

CPR & First Aid Training

We offer CPR/AED certification training program to our students and also those who desire to be prepared for emergency medical situations. We provide CPR and First Aid training to members of the community, healthcare professionals and other various institutions.

Intravenous Therapy Certification

We offer Intravenous (IV) Therapy and Blood Draw​ to our students. If you are a licensed Practical Nurse and LPN/LVN, our I.V therapy and Venipuncture training will help you gain the knowledge and technical skills needed to safely set up, initiate, maintain and discontinue I.V therapies..

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