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DAS Mission

Our Mission


Our mission at Dotlen Academy of Science is to prepare and equip students with high-quality, cutting-edge post-secondary education. We strive to develop leaders who will provide innovation and service for the well-being of our community. Our commitment is to impact the necessary knowledge and skills that is relevant to market demands and prepare students to obtain entry-level employment in their field of training.

The mission is achieved by providing career-oriented instruction and learning facilities that fulfill the desired goals of our students through the following objectives:

  1. To provide quality, relevant, and effective instruction to our students to meet the present cutting-edge employer demands in the marketplace.
  2. To provide and assist students with resources to excel in their educational pursuits to enable them to meet evolving societal and workplace needs.
  3. To cultivate the habit of critical thinking in students to effectively serve their clients and develop credibility with employers.
  4. To instill leadership behavior by providing seasoned faculty and staff as role models for students.

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