Dotlen Academy of Science

Admissions Requirements

General Admissions Requirements

  In order to be considered for admission to the Dotlen Academy of Science academic programs, an applicant must:

  1. The applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Complete an admission application.
  3. The applicant must possess a high school diploma, transcript or GED (practical nursing program).
  4. The applicant must be a United States citizen, resident alien, or other eligible non-US citizen. Only government issued valid Photo ID will be kept on applicant file (verification of original immigration proof required including a valid Social Security card).
  5. Achievement of a minimum score of 60% on the pre-admission test, the Assessment Technologies Institute Test of Essential and Academic Skills (TEAS). An applicant may take the TEAS exam three (3) times in order to achieve a satisfactory score for entrance into the Practical Nursing Program.
  6. Score of at least 68% on the TABE or equivalent entrance examination for the Nursing Assistant Training Course.
  7. When applicable, achievement of a minimum score of 60 points on the Test of English as Foreign Language examination (TOEFL) for applicants whose native language of instruction is not English Language (practical nursing program).
  8. Payment of registration fee
  9. Interview with the Program Coordinator or faculty.
  10. Completion of a satisfactory (negative) drug screening (practical nursing program).
  11. Completion of the School Health Form.
  12. The applicant must be able to pass a comprehensive Criminal Background Check, including a Pennsylvania State Police Criminal History Report, an FBI Criminal History Report, and a Child Abuse Clearance (Only CHRI and FBI when needed for NA training course).
  13. Candidates must submit two (2) personal or professional references from people who have known the applicant for a minimum of two years who can attest to the applicant’s character, conduct, work experience, or community service.
  14. Applicants residing in the commonwealth for the last two years will complete and submit a Pennsylvania State Police – Criminal History Record Information report before the first day of class. An Applicant residing in Pennsylvania less than two years must obtain FBI clearance and CHRI report. An applicant’s CHRI report and FBI report must be in compliance. It may not contain prohibitive offenses as cited in Pennsylvania State ACT 14 (NA training course).
  15. Physical examination conducted within one year is required, and must include: Evidence that the applicant is free of communicable disease, Documentation of a negative  2-step Mantoux or Quantiferon Gold test that is dated within a year of starting class. If a PPD is documented as positive, a negative chest x-ray, less than five years old must be submitted.
  16. Evidence of a Negative COVID-19 Test and Complete vaccination.
  17. Must have full use of hands, ability to stand for extensive periods, bend, pull, push and lift a minimum of 40 pounds without restriction.
  18. Must have the ability to communicate orally with residents, families and other members of the healthcare team, as determined by professional assessment and judgment of a Registered Nurse.
  19. Prior to the start of the course each student must participate in an orientation meeting. The student will be given course syllabus, school’s catalog, student enrollment agreement, books, and supplies.
  20. The student will read and sign and acknowledging the receipt of the enrollment agreement.
  21. Students may secure registration with a deposit towards the total cost of a program as well as a registration fee and any books and materials fees.


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